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Magalang, Pampanga


Telacad de ring Paring Agustinos carin Macapsa, 1605. Ing laguiu na meañgu qñg ugali rang magalang ding manucnangan carin. Pipaglabanan ding cawal nang Andres Malong at Castila, 1660. Milipat ya San Bartolome, 1734. Sinira ning Ilug Parua qng albug, Mayo, 1863. Ing cabalenan telacad neng pepasibayung Gobernadorcillo Pablo M. Luciano a canita aduang pulut metung a banua tua qñg Barrio San Pedro, Diciembre 13, 1863. Secupan ning Gobierno Revolucionario, 12 Junio, 1898-Nobiembre 5, 1899 at selisian ding Americano ding Japon, 3 Enero, 1942. Linaya ring Americano, 24 Enero, 1945. Miyabe qñg Republica Filipina, 4 Julio, 1946.


Founded by the Augustinian Friars in Macapsa, 1605. The named derived from the courteous trait of the residents. The battlefield of the soldiers of Andres Malong and the Spaniards, 1660. Transferred to San Bartolome, 1734. Destroyed by the Parua River during the flood, May, 1863. The town’s center was reestablished by Governadorcillo Pablo M. Luciano twenty one years later in Barrio San Pedro, December 13, 1863. Occupied by the Revolutionary Government, 12 June, 1898-November 5, 1899 and won over by the Americans from the Japanese, 3 January, 1942. Emancipated by the Americans, 24 January, 1945. United with the Philippine Republic, 4 July, 1946.)

A short history of the town

Magalang’s same simply derived from the word ‘magalang’ which means ‘respectful’ which probably links it to the phrase told by Kapampangan folks to a scandalous or disrespectful person “Balamu ata e ka pa mekapangan pale Magalang? (It seems that you haven’t eaten Magalang rice yet?)” 

In the year 1853, the town of Magalang had barrios numbering up to 35, namely: Balitucan, Bical, Bucsit, Cabayungsarul, Darabulbul, Garlit, Guitan, Lambayung, Mabangal, Macaualu, Mangga, Matondo, Minano, Panaisan, Panalictican, Pandacaqui, Paruao, Pitabunan, Quematayandapu, San Agustin, San Antonio, San Ildefonso, San Jose, San Juan, San Martin, San Miguel, San Pedro, San Roque, Santa Rita, Sapangbalayan, Sapangbulu, Tacde, Tinabang, Tinang and Umbac.

However, due to the revision of borders, several barrios were transferred to neighboring towns such as Bucsit, Garlit and San Juan to Concepcion, Tarlac in 1876, then later on the barrios Bucsit and Garlit were ceded to the town of Murcia in neighboring province, Tarlac. As the years passed, barrios and sitios merged (Balud and Turu of San Ildefonso merged to create the barrio San Fulgencio), sitios were reestablished as barrios (sitio Batu into barrio La Peña) and transferred to other towns such as Mabalacat and Concepcion, Tarlac.

In September 22, 1858, the town of Magalang was flooded and Comandante Politico-Militar de Tarlac Sebastian Hernandez reported that the flood “seemed as if it were a lake.”

Blogger’s note

Despite Magalang’s rich and packed history, my friend and I had a hard time looking for residents who knew the town’s heritage and culture. We also went there on a Saturday so unfortunately, the municipio was closed. We also went to the Municipal Police Station for queries but… balu yu na. I asked help from my friend who was a resident of the town and referred us to Doris Manlapaz which we later on knew that she has a page about Magalang’s local history and heritage. 

We personally met Manlapaz on the same day and we saw her collection of antiques from photographs to rosaries to greeting cards to empty World War II bullets.

Our attention was taken by Manlapaz’s wide collection of Kapampangan laureate Vedasto David Ocampo’s literary pieces, from poems to zarzuela and a Kapampangan dictionary written in Spanish.

People such as Doris Manlapaz are to be recognized and celebrated because people such as her give not only their time but their whole lives in preserving and cultivating the valuable pieces of history and heritage that are disregarded and neglected by the mass, their passion should be given its rightful limelight.

Another local history trip later

I’m not sure if I’d go to Magalang or Minalin. If I’d go to Magalang, I’ll be able to see the sacred white rock on Mount Alaya, but Minalin has this Moorish architecture church with pre-Hispanic architectural elements. If anyone would likw to go by, send me a TA. It’d be fun.

Thank you so much you guys.

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College in a jiffy

College had been a hell hole for the past few days, weeks. I can’t stand looking at the people back there longer. And I’m so tired I’d be able to sleep for a whole week.

I never expected you’d turn my whole life around. Love, this is definitely worth it.

I know I mess up. Please, you don’t need to hammer it onto my head. Please.

Find someone who complements you.

Yes complement, not compliment. A person who accentuates your true personality, who adds fuel to your fire. Someone who can help teach you things you could never learn on your own. The one who sparks your creativity and challenges you to do better and be better.

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I wonder
whose arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved.

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getting real tired of your shit, school.

779,041 plays Do You Want To Build A Snowman Reprise Indina Menzel Frozen Soundtrack




Do You Want To Build A snowman Reprise


This is the reprise of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” that was cut from the movie (sadly D: )

I plan to do a cover of it sometime but for now have the original version plus the download link

Download<—It’s the third one, go ahead and have it. You’re welcome

(My Cover)

I would have cried harder if they kept this in. So serious.

Why did they not keep this in? Why…

i have ‘teacher man’ and ‘the art of war’ on my shelf dear sweet baby jesus help me


It’s obviously safe to say that my dash really changed from about ten months ago. I forgot who I used to talk to here, I just reblogged from my other blog, theurbankapampangan, then fly off. I might as well take a day to clean this blog (WOW CLEAN TALAGA. BIGYAN NG SABONG PANLABA!!!).

So it’s 5AM and I haven’t told beau I’m up. I have so much school work due this week, papers, portfolio entries, demo teachings, I hope I make it through this hell week.

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